Find your reason to live, study and work in Australia

“Live in Australia!”

“Work in Australia!” 

“Study in Australia!” They’ll say.

The strongest reason people always seem to give to live in Australia is that so-and-so’s brother or sister did it. All sounds very good.

What are your reasons though? Why do you want to live, study or work in Australia? I mean what do you really know about Australia, other than their world-famous cricket team, the Australian Open and Australia’s recent appearances in the World Cup and Eurovision?

Australia in a Snapshot!

Let me tell you, while Australia may appear to be a quiet country, it’s a little powerhouse!

Here are some of Australia’s recent achievements:

  1. Today, global news outlets recognise Australia as one of the safest places to live in during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Taking into account that Australia is the world’s 7th continent with a population of only 25 million, Australia ranked 15th in the world for its employment rate in 2019.
  3. The air quality, health system and social support available means that Australians can expect to live in ‘full health’ until they are 73 years old.
  4. One of the world’s youngest education systems, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ranked Australia 4th in international PhD students’ destinations.

In a nutshell, Australia is a young go-getter!

Get inspired: Life in Australia!

The country’s bare bones are fabulous. Let’s examine it, piece-by-piece.

The People

Australians are Aussies. They’re so relaxed, they go by a shorter, fun-loving name. And everyone’s welcome to the party!

Australia’s demography is made from its diverse Indigenous people, British colonial ancestry, and extensive immigrant populations. Collectively, more than 200 languages are spoken in Australia, with Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Italian spoken most after English. Religious institutions are valued for their place in people’s lives. As many as 120 different religious denominations are openly practising in Australia today.

The Opportunities

In their hearts, Australians believe in “a fair-go for all”. People are facilitated with many public and private services, schools and universities and hospitals. While living costs are high, Australia held the world’s highest minimum wage in 2019. Average wages in Australia were 30 per cent above the world’s average in the same year.

Furthermore, inclusivity of all people, caste and creed is highly valued in Australia and serious steps have been taken to overcome past injustices. Australia has strong anti-discrimination laws with bodies responsible for their oversight.

The Cities

Each Australian city is strongly linked to some part of Australia’s colonial history. They are also the epicentres of change for their respective regions. They’re hip, fun, energetic places with great coffee, ah-maz-ing fresh food, and a thriving sense of independence and cultural uniqueness!

Most of Australia’s cities are a stone’s throw away from water. That’s where all the good energy comes from!

  • On the East, you have iconic Sydney and Melbourne, the most liveable city on Earth, both touching the coastline.
  • Ever-growing Brisbane, also on the East, sits along a river that reaches out to the ocean.
  • Adelaide is situated between water and wine.
  • Hobart in the deep South, sports the second-deepest natural port in the world.
  • Perth gets the warm Indian Ocean currents and access to inland lakes.
  • Darwin, Australia’s gateway to Indonesia and the Torres Strait Islands, sits on a low bluff overlooking a harbour.

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that Australia’s capital is inland, on the Northern tip of the Australian Alps. Canberra is an entirely planned city. It has a wonderful and unique architectural presence, both in buildings and in land, and it is the only city in Australia from which you can see snow-capped mountains in winter!

Think about it! You can hop on a domestic flight and in a day, reach another urban life, so different, yet as spacious as the other.

The Landscape

Unlike any habitable place on earth, Australia is full of vast plains. Take the Western side of the country, where gold and pink sands hit a turquoise blue coastline. Or down the centre, where the dry, almost blood-red desert in the North turns into sandier, gold-like desert in the South. Or down the East, where tropical rainforests make way for dry bushes, grassy fields and even alpine territories. And not to forget Tasmania (or Tassie), a cooler “mini-me” version of the entire mainland put together, but even more luscious.

From anywhere you stand in Australia, your eyes see more. The horizon is always in your reach, and the changing skies are just breathtaking. Hot pink, deep purples, brilliant blues, burnt orange – these are the colours that come to mind when you think of Australian skies. Not to mention that if you venture to the middle of the country, you can see an entire galaxy – the Milky Way – dancing through the night.

The Adventure

Life in Australia is bursting at its seams! Year-round sports to do or watch, parks galore for kids and pets, and pristine beaches begging to be surfed! It doesn’t stop there. Hit the road and just drive!

Need something more fancy or entertaining? Anytime of the year, in some corner of the city or in a country town, there are music, art, food and flower festivals, fashion shows, modern art galleries, concerts, theatres, 3D cinemas, theme parks and state-of-the art public libraries.

Need to explore on a budget? Try spending the holiday season on a farm picking fruit, or bouncing around Australia’s nation-wide public camping grounds. There’s no shame in having fun!

Our Experience

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