Australia’s migration laws are always changing so it pays to invest in a professional Registered Migration Agent who knows what they’re doing. Changes can bring positive developments for future visa planning and settlement in Australia. In VEVS Global’s experience, this is particularly true for international students who graduate in Australia, take up the opportunity to work in Australia and then start thinking about their long-term prospects.

In this blog, we’re going to spell out why it’s beneficial to plan your future with a Registered Migration Agent in Australia.

What you can expect

Registered Migration Agents can act quickly and in the best interests of their clients. How? Because, the Australian Government keeps Registered Migration Agents in the loop. Our knowledge of immigration laws is updated when changes to laws become public information. We also receive information on what future changes may be coming. Finally, we continually engage in industry-wide professional development opportunities.

A Registered Migration Agent in Perth, VEVS Global supports all prospective migrants to Australia, including:

  • international students,
  • recent graduates in Australia,
  • skilled migrants seeking short or long-term employment,
  • people reconnecting with their spouse or families, and
  • visitors with different purposes.

You can expect VEVS Global to bridge not only your contact with the Australian government, but also with multiple Australian education providers and businesses across Australia.

Duties and Responsibilities

It is essential to understand that important safeguards are built into the support Registered Migration Agents provide.

Registered Migration Agents are bound to provide ethical, accurate and timely advice to clients. Specific guidance on what we do and how we do it has been established through the Code of Conduct. We must work to these professional standards from the moment we provide immigration assistance to you.

Costs and Decision-making

During initial consultations with clients, Registered Migration Agents must provide clients with a detailed written estimate. The estimate must make clear:

  • what services we will provide you,
  • what each service costs,
  • what documents you need to get together and when we will need them by, and
  • details of the payments we will need to make on your behalf during the visa application process (e.g. application fees to the Department of Home Affairs).

At VEVS Global we also inform our clients about benchmarks the Australian government has set for professionalism in this industry. Together with the estimate, information on how your money will be handled on your behalf, and our honest assessment of your chances of securing particular visas, we make certain you have enough information to decide whether to engage in our professional services.

Your Information

We are responsible for handling clients’ information in strict confidence. Any information you provide VEVS Global, all communication between us or correspondence we make on your behalf, is your information. Whenever you advise us that you need your information, you can be guaranteed we will return it to you within 7-days.

Making the Visa Application process easier

Our job is to make sure your visa application goes smoothly. There are more than 100 visa subclasses in Australia. Knowing which ones are applicable to your circumstances and what’s involved with each procedure, simply requires knowledge and experience.

Working out which is the best pathway for you means VEVS Global looks deeply into your current circumstances. We assess your purpose, skills, resources and other factors that will best support your visa options.

When it comes to the application itself, one draft is never enough. We have a large team of qualified agents to triple-check your information and documents, so that your best foot goes forward. People who try to handle applications independently are often shocked to learn that the smallest error can raise big questions, or potentially lead to long delays or even cancellations in processing their applications. Such concerns can be totally avoided with the help of a professional eye.

In complex matters, a Registered Migration Agent can support clients all the way through to court representations.


The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) is the industry regulator for Australian migration agent services. It is a part of the Department of Home Affairs. OMARA’s main concern is protecting migrants’ interests and it helps do this in a number of ways.

Only Registered Migration Agents listed on OMARA’s website and certain government officials are allowed to provide migration assistance in Australia. To maintain registration, Registered Migration Agents are re-assessed and approved by OMARA each year as skilled people who:

  • meet professional standards,
  • follow the Code of Conduct, and
  • maintain up-to-date knowledge of migration law and procedure.

People who wish to navigate the visa process with the support of a sponsor, family member or other person, must get approval from the Department of Home Affairs first. This is done to check whether the person nominated has already been considered unsuitable for providing migration assistance. In Australia, it is illegal for anyone who has not been properly authorised to provide migration assistance.

Lodging complaints

VEVS Global makes sure clients know what the Australian government considers to be the benchmark for professionalism in this industry. It is your right, to know your rights. We value transparency and appreciate that trust is earned through how we interact with our clients and fulfilling our duties and responsibilities properly.

Misunderstandings can occur, although at VEVS Global we do our best to avoid this. If there is ever cause for a complaint or dissatisfaction with our services, we ask our clients to come forward and give us feedback. In every challenge there is the opportunity for growth and understanding.

People who use Registered Migration Agents’ services may also lodge a formal complaint with OMARA online. OMARA provides guidance on their website on what information and documents are helpful to include in a complaint, to ensure that matters can be acted upon and independently reviewed in the shortest time possible.

Engaging VEVS Global as your Registered Migration Agent

These days, with the world so well-connected, we really are simply a phone call or email away. We have set up an online contact form on our website, to make it super convenient for you. Drop us a line and we will get in touch.

We are making our presence felt outside Australia also. Outside of our headquarters in Perth, we have established offices in Nepal and Bhutan so more people can sit down with us face-to-face and address their concerns around Australian visa requirements and procedures, simplify complex information and feel our ongoing support.

We believe that all interactions with our clients should be productive and informative, so that from the start, your time is not wasted.

The VEVS Global Difference

We have over ten years of experience helping thousands of people understand what their best options are at any given time, across Australia. Our team is extremely responsive with communication, efficient with their time, great at keeping clients briefed on how their applications are tracking and importantly, we take our obligations towards people’s futures seriously.

Check out our testimonials online, so you can get your own sense of our success rate as a Registered Migration Agent in Perth.