Why Commonwealth Bank?   

VEVS Global places high importance on our clients’ security, time, and future, including their finances. Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve financial security even before they embark on their journey to Australia to begin anew.

Commonwealth Bank and VEVS Global share similar principles. By choosing Commonwealth Bank, you have the opportunity to create an account 14 days before your arrival in Australia. The process itself is prompt, uncomplicated, and protected, taking only a few moments of your time.

As part of the collaboration, VEVS Global clients can now enjoy special offers through VEVS Global’s dedicated URL. Clients will pay no monthly fee for the first 12 months on Commonwealth’s Everyday Account Smart Access. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

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Moving to Australia?

Moving to Australia is an exciting adventure that promises to offer endless possibilities. You can enjoy surfing on the beach, indulging in fresh seafood, or simply being in your dream country. However, moving to a new country can be difficult; it necessitates changes and sacrifices that are sometimes beyond your comfort. There’s a lot to plan for the move, such as: gathering important documents, identifying suitable accommodation and job opportunities, applying for a visa, setting up a bank account, and finally settling in.

This is where VEVS Global and Commonwealth Bank enter the picture. VEVS has got you covered on the visa process, while Commonwealth Bank will provide you with excellent banking services. If you decide to engage with Commonwealth Bank through VEVS Global, you can enjoy the benefits of not being required to pay the monthly fee on CommBank’s Everyday Account Smart Access for the first 12 months. This amazing offer is only possible due to the partnership agreement between VEVS Global and Commonwealth Bank.

Now, what exactly is Commonwealth Bank, or CommBank as it is known in Australia? Commbank is the largest bank in Australia; it is a bank on the go with CommBank app; it has an extensive branch and ATM network available throughout the country; and it has multilingual staff in some branches and ATMs with Foreign language capabilities. They have been helping Australian dreams come true since 1911, and support more people moving to Australia than other banks.

Products and Services

With the variety of products and services available, you can get your banking sorted in no time.

Transactions Accounts

      • A bank account for your day-to-day banking is called a transaction account
        or everyday account
        in Australia.

Savings Account

      • Savings accounts that are good for just that – saving.

Credit Cards

      • Credit cards are popular in Australia
        and are widely accepted to pay for
        goods and services.
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  • Most banks in Australia charge you a monthly fee for this type of account, although you can often have this fee reduced or waived by paying your salary into the account or if you meet other requirements e.g. if you’re a student.
  • Most transaction accounts will come with a debit card to allow you to shop online or in store. Some transaction accounts can provide you with a cheque book, though they’re not widely used in Australia and many businesses will not accept personal cheques.
  • You can usually open a transaction account before you arrive in Australia. However, you’ll need to complete some additional steps, like showing identification, before you can start transacting on your account.
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  • Some offer bonus interest for the first few months after opening an account, or if you make deposits and no withdrawals over a period of time.
  • Some savings accounts will also have the option of an ATM card,so you can use it like a transaction account
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  • There are many credit cards to choose from, with varying interest terms, annual fees and awards programs.
  • If you’re new to Australia, you may not be eligible for some cards until you become a permanent resident. However, a number of banks offer cards for new migrants depending on income and visa status.

International Money Transfers

      • A Most banks offer an International Money Transfer (IMT) service– this is
        a service to securely transfer money overseas.


      • The money in the fund becomes
        available to you when you retire.1


Other Financial Products

      • Most banks also offer access to a widerange of other financial services
        from insurance to loans.
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  • In some cases IMTs can be arrangedvia online banking or the bank’s mobile app.
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  • Some offer bonus interest for the first few months after opening an account, or if you make deposits and no withdrawals over a period of time.
  • Some savings accounts will also have the option of an ATM card,
    so you can use it like a transaction account.

How to open an account in Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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VEVS Global and CommBank are excited to welcome you to Australia.

Things you should know: Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 is a company incorporated in Australia with limited liability and subject to Australian regulation.