Subclass 485

The Temporary Graduate Visa

Applying for Temporary Residency

Students are often keen to remain in Australia at the completion of their studies to continue living the Australian life a little longer.  Many are reluctant to bid farewell so soon to the friends they’ve made and the memories they’ve created.  Fortunately for them, they can now extend their stay in Australia via the Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa.

If you could stay a little longer, why wouldn’t you? 

The Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa allows recent graduates to remain in Australia temporarily, providing visa holders with unlimited work and travel rights over the duration of their visa.

As a Temporary Residence (TR) visa holder, you’ll be able to apply for Australian work experience shortly after graduating or remain in Australia to indulge in some domestic travel or just simply, to enjoy the Australian way-of-life a little longer.

Visa Type

Graduate Visa

The Skilled Graduate Visa Allows:

  • Unrestricted work rights
  • Unrestricted travel rights
  • An extended stay in Australia from 18 months up until 4 years, depending on the stream in which you’re eligible for.

The Two Visa Streams

The Graduate Visa has two main categories which directly affect the duration of an applicant’s lawful stay in Australia. They are:

  1. Graduate Work Stream – which allows a stay of up to 18 months.
  2. Post-Study Work Stream – allows for a stay of up to 4 years.

Each stream has different requirements and offers distinct opportunities. A careful assessment is critical in determining which stream an applicant would qualify for.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a Temporary Graduate Visa (regardless of the stream), an applicant must (amongst other things):

  • Hold an eligible visa
  • Be a recent graduate of a CRICOS-registered course
  • Meet the Australian Study Requirement
  • Meet a minimum level of Competent English
  • Meet character and health requirements
  • Possess adequate health insurance to cover the period of stay onshore.
  • Not have previously held a Subclass 485 or 476 visa.

Graduate Work Stream 

  • The applicant must align their skills against an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List.

Post-Study Work Stream

  • The applicant must have obtained an eligible qualification.

The Visa Application Process 

A Subclass 485 visa application must take place within 6 months of the applicant completing their studies. Given the restrictive time-frame along with the core requirements to meet eligibility, it’s important that applicants get onto collating their documents sooner rather than later.

How can we help with your Temporary Graduate visa?

This is where we come in. Prior to the completion of your studies, we’ll start the process of collecting your documents and ensuring that you’re able to meet the 485 visa English requirements. Once you’re done and dusted with your studies, we’ll make sure your visa application is complete and ready for submission. Because, like you, we’re excited for you to begin your life post-studies. 

What the VEVS team does differently

How We Can Help

Whilst it’s one thing to assist in the preparation of your Temporary Graduate Visa, it’s another to play a part in the forward-planning of any future pathways an applicant may be eligible for subsequent to the expiry of their Graduate Visa.

This is what we do differently.  We sit down with you to work out your long-term plan and explore potential opportunities for permanent residency. We do this without any additional charges, simply because we care.


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