Price per year
$5,000 – $20,000

6 – 24 months


Cooking classes are available in Perth from several culinary schools and establishments. These courses teach people the art and science of cooking for use in professional settings, such as hotels, restaurants, catering services, and more.

These cookery classes in Perth cover different culinary methods, kitchen management, food safety, and menu planning. To accommodate varying degrees of skill and dedication, the classes range in duration from shorter certificate courses to longer diploma programs.

The reputation of cookery courses in Perth extends beyond Australia. These institutions are recognized internationally, attracting students from around the globe who seek top-notch culinary education and the potential to launch their careers in Australia or abroad.

Every commercial culinary course is different, so before deciding which course provider to use, always do your homework and find out about the curriculum, real-world training possibilities, facilities, and possible industry connections or placements given by various institutions.

  • Skill Assessment: Some visas require applicants to undergo a skill assessment by a relevant authority to ensure their qualifications meet Australian standards.
  • Must graduate a year 12 in the home country
  • English Language Proficiency: Meeting certain English language requirements is often a prerequisite for various skilled migration visas. The candidate must have a minimum English score of IELTS 5.5
  • Work Experience: Some visas might require a certain duration of work experience in the relevant occupation after completing the cookery course. Usually, you should be willing to take a 360 hour vocational placement.

Apart from the culinary arts, pursuing a career in cooking combines stability, advancement, and adaptability. Skilled cooks in Australia can look forward to the following fulfilling careers:

  • Lucrative Earnings: Fully qualified chefs in Australia make $1,250 a week on average.
  • Stable Work Hours: Australian chefs work roughly 46 hours a week on average. This consistent workload provides a sense of routine and structure in their professional lives.
  • Promising Employment Trends: Over the last five years, there has been a noticeable upward trend in the employment landscape for cooks, and long-term projections point to a stable and sustained increase in career prospects.
  • Opportunities for Full-Time Employment: In Australia, a remarkable 72% of chefs acquire full-time jobs. It is higher than the hospitality industry’s average employment rate.
  • Diverse Career Avenues: Chef in Australia benefit from the freedom to work in various capacities and industries within the food industry. Their adaptability enables them to explore a range of possibilities.

Cookery Career Pathways In Australia

The cookery industry offers diverse career opportunities that cater to various interests, talents, and culinary aspirations. Some of them are:

  • Chef
  • Catering Manager
  • Sous Chef
  • Pastry Chef/Baker
  • Food Stylist
  • Private Chef
  • Consultant or Food Critic
  • Hotel Manager
  • Fast Food Manager
  • Restaurant MAnager

Why Study Cookery Courses in Perth?

Getting cookery courses in Perth offers a lifestyle that integrates education, culture, and real-world experience with employment chances. It’s a comprehensive process that extends beyond the kitchen, shaping passionate individuals into accomplished experts prepared to take on the culinary world.

1. World-Class Institutions
Perth is home to known culinary institutions offering top-notch cookery courses. These institutions provide high-quality education, modern facilities, and experienced instructors with industry expertise, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

2. Work Experience and Internships
Some organizations in Perth collaborate with neighboring hotel, restaurant, and catering establishments to provide internships and career placements. This practical experience improves abilities in the real world and gives significant exposure to the culinary industry.

3. Multicultural Exposure
Studying in Perth exposes students to a diverse, multicultural environment. Interacting with people from various backgrounds enriches cultural understanding and broadens culinary perspectives.

4. Regional Specialization
Western Australia’s culinary nature gives a chance to focus on using regional products like seafood, and native Australian produce. This gives culinary students a competitive advantage in the food industry.

5. Networking and Industry Connections
Students in Perth get the opportunity to attend culinary events, network with professionals in the industry, and establish connections that may be beneficial for their employment and career advancement.

6. Personal and Professional Growth
Beyond learning cooking techniques, studying in Perth fosters growth, instills discipline, time management, and teamwork. These skills are essential in preparing for real-world exposure.

The Demand for Culinary Excellence

Why is the commercial culinary course so popular? Cookery courses in Perth are in high demand because of factors that support the city’s booming culinary industry. The following are a few of the factors contributing to the increase in commercial cooking programs in Australia:

  • Booming Culinary Scene: Perth, Australia, is home to a growing culinary industry, marked by cuisine variations and an increasing number of eateries, cafes, and restaurants. There is a need for qualified chefs and kitchen staff who can fill in the industry’s high standards due to the city’s changing culinary scene.
  • Culinary Tourism: Perth has become a popular travel destination for food enthusiasts thanks to the growth of culinary tourism. Due to the increasing number of tourists seeking unique dining experiences, there’s a need for chefs who can create exceptional dishes that showcase the region’s flavors and ingredients.
  • Excellent Instruction & hands-on Training: Cooking classes in Perth WA offer top-notch training in commercial cooking by fusing in-depth hands-on training with theoretical knowledge. With this hands-on approach, students gain the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in actual kitchen settings.
  • Industry Growth and Opportunities: The hospitality and food service industry Perth, Australia, is expanding, leading to an increased demand for qualified professionals. Commercial cookery courses serve as a pathway for individuals to enter this growing industry and pursue diverse career opportunities.
  • Window for Permanent Residency: Several cooking classes in Perth Australia give students, especially those from abroad, a chance to become permanent residents of the nation. This aspect increases the appeal of these courses and draws people interested in studying cooking and as long-term migration to Australia.

Road to Permanent Residency

Graduates of cooking schools get access to more opportunities in the culinary arts. Completing cooking lessons in Perth is a great way to improve your culinary abilities and can also help you on your path to become a permanent resident of Australia.

After finishing a cooking course in Perth, you can pursue the following options:

1. Visas for Skilled Migration:

  • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): Graduates who successfully complete qualifying culinary courses can apply for the Skilled Independent Visa. Employer or state/territory government sponsorship is not required for this points-based visa.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): Those who have finished particular cooking courses may be nominated for this visa by certain Australian states or territories. The government of a state or territory gives the nomination for this.

2. Work Visas and Sponsorships:

  • Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485): Graduates from qualified programs may apply for this short-term visa to obtain employment following their study. By giving graduates the opportunity to get relevant job experience in Australia, doors to permanent residency possibilities will open.
  • Employer Sponsorship (Employer Nomination Scheme – Subclass 186 or Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – Subclass 187): If an employer in Australia is willing to sponsor an individual who has completed a cookery course, it might lead to a permanent residency pathway.

3. Points-Based System

  • General Skilled Migration: Under Australia’s point-based immigration scheme, passing specific culinary courses may earn points that the candidate can use in fulfilling the minimum number of points needed to qualify for skilled migration Visas.

4. Regional Pathways

  • Regional Visas (Subclass 491 and Subclass 494)
  • Completing cookery courses and working in designated regional areas can qualify individuals for these Visas, which can eventually lead to permanent residency


Commercial Cookery Courses in Perth emerge as the gateway to the wide world of culinary artistry and professional prospects. These courses are a comprehensive blend of education, practical training, and multicultural exposure.

The allure of commercial cookery courses extends beyond the education itself. It’s about the promise of a successful career, whether through promising employment prospects, networking, or the potential for permanent residency.

From the hands-on practice in commercial kitchens to the diverse career opportunities, and industry connections, Commercial Cookery Courses in Perth serve as a launchpad, propelling passionate individuals into a world full of opportunities.

Choosing Perth for commercial cookery education isn’t just about learning recipes; it’s about embracing a life infused with the art, passion, and endless possibilities of the culinary world.

Commercial Cookery Courses Perth

Imagine pursuing your love of cooking as a job wherein you will not only satisfy palates, but you will also get opportunities for professional advancement. You will hear pans sizzling, smell spices, and listen to cutlery clinking as they all come together to create the colorful backdrop of Australia’s food scene.

The world of commercial cookery courses in the land down under is in demand now more than ever and has emerged as a gateway for enthusiasts and aspiring chefs.

An automotive mechanic in Australia must complete a many of procedures in order to migrate.

Getting a positive skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is the first step. An Australian certification known as an AQF Certificate III, as well as a migration skills assessment approval letter, are the results of a positive assessment conducted by the Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Australian employers will accept this qualification.

Application for Visa: If you are an Automotive Light Mechanic (General) Motor Mechanic (ANZSCO Code: 321211), you may be qualified for Australian provisional or permanent visas (subclasses 189, 190 491, 186 or 494) as well as State sponsorship.2. Under the general skilled visa programme, motor mechanics can apply for visas permitting migration to Australia, as they are in high demand throughout the country.

Cookery Courses Perth

Best Cookery Courses in Perth

Course: Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

The Certificate III in Commercial Cookery signifies the expertise of commercial cooks proficient in a diverse set of culinary skills. Demonstrating discretion and judgment, they possess a solid understanding of kitchen operations. Operating with a degree of autonomy and minimal supervision, these individuals may offer operational guidance and assistance to team members. This qualification opens doors to employment opportunities as a commercial cook in various establishments, including restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes, cafeterias, and coffee shops.

Course: Certificate IV in Kitchen Management

This certification represents the responsibilities of culinary professionals functioning as commercial cooks with supervisory or team leadership responsibilities in a kitchen setting. These individuals can work autonomously or with minimal direction, exercising judgment to address unconventional challenges. The qualification opens avenues for employment in various settings, including restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes, and coffee shops. Additionally, it equips individuals to potentially establish and manage small businesses within these sectors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

+61 8 6465 4499 Unit 19 12-16 Milford St, East Victoria Park WA 6101, Australia

Why commercial cookery?

Commercial cookery teaches mastery of food preparation, presentation, and innovation. This field encourages creativity by allowing you to experiment with different tastes and styles.

You can make a rewarding career out of your passion for food by studying commercial cooking. It’s about improving abilities, adjusting to changing preferences, and succeeding in a fast-paced sector that values creativity.
Aside from the learning, taking up commercial cookery provides career opportunities. From high-end restaurants to hotels, cafes, catering services, or even starting your own venture, it opens doors to exciting opportunities.

How long is the commercial cookery course?

With a flexible learning format, the commercial culinary course usually lasts 52–78 weeks. Commercial kitchens serve as the setting for in-person classroom instruction, hands-on training, and student assessments.

In addition to work-based training and distance learning components, the course offers a comprehensive educational experience that integrates theoretical knowledge, practical application in culinary settings, and hands-on practice.

How much is a commercial cookery course in Perth?

The cost of a commercial cookery course in Perth is affected by factors, such as the school, course length, degree of qualification, and the student’s nationality. A full commercial cooking course in Perth usually costs about $11,900 for international students, plus an additional $1,280 for materials.

When choosing your cooking school in Perth, you need to research multiple options, evaluate costs, and allot a budget for possible extra costs like supplies and textbooks. You should also explore any grants, scholarships, or other financial aid options that specific universities might offer to deserving applicants.

When do commercial cookery classes start?

The start dates of commercial cookery classes vary depending on the institution offering the course. Educational institutions in Perth have flexibility for students for they have different intake periods throughout the year.

Some of the intake periods include:

  • Semester intakes: Usually starting in February/March and July/August.
  • Trimester intakes: Often commencing in January, May/June, and September/October.
  • Some institutions might also have additional or rolling intakes, allowing students to join throughout the year.

What are the pathways to commercial cookery?

Here are some common pathways to pursue a career in commercial cookery:

1. Vocational Education and Training (VET) Courses

  • Programs for Certificates and Diplomas: These courses provide basic to intermediate training in commercial cooking. It offers the information and abilities needed for entry-level jobs.

2. Apprenticeships or Traineeships

  • On-the-Job Training: Apprenticeships and traineeships combine classroom instruction with real-world work experience under the supervision of professional chefs.

3. Tertiary Education

  • Bachelor’s Degrees: Some universities offer culinary arts or hospitality management degrees with a focus on commercial cookery, providing a more comprehensive education.

4. Work Experience and Entry-Level Positions

  • Entry-Level Jobs: Some individuals start in entry-level positions in kitchens and gain experience while working their way up through the help of practical training and skill development.

5. Career Change or Upskilling

  • Professional Development: People who want to advance their culinary skills or make a transition to commercial cooking may choose to enroll in quick courses or workshops.

6. International Pathways

  • Study Abroad Programs: International students may enroll in commercial cookery courses in Australia to gain global exposure and potentially pursue careers abroad.

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