Are you eligible for Post-Study Work Visa Additional 2-year Extension?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, have completed a qualification from the approved list, and hold a valid Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) on 1st July 2023 or apply for it before the same date you may be eligible for the extension.


  • Meet the eligibility Criteria
  • Have completed a course from the approved list
  • Have a valid Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) by July 1, 2023, or apply for it.

Applying for this extension incurs no extra fees with the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA). The extension seamlessly follows the current 485 visa, preventing any gaps and providing stability amid policy changes. This strategic move is vital during uncertainties in Australian migration policies, offering eligible graduates additional time to earn extra experience and points towards their long term migration goals.

Capitalize on this opportunity to safeguard your visa status and navigate potential policy changes effectively. Ensure your smooth transition with post-study work and extended visa durations. Secure your future with uninterrupted stay and work rights in Australia.

    • Post-study work visa provides unlimited work rights, enhancing career prospects and benefits permanent residency process.
    • No additional DoHA application fees
    • Separate from the regional subclass 485 visa extension
    • Extension starts seamlessly after the current visa expires, ensuring a continuous stay.
    • Protects against potential adverse effects of future changes in migration policies.

Reach out to us promptly to assess your eligibility from the approved programs list and maximize the advantages of existing opportunities.

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