Are you considering studying abroad in Australia? If so, it’s essential to be aware of the recent changes in the student visa process announced by the Australian government. Effective from March 23, 2024, these changes revolve around the introduction of the New Genuine Student Requirement, replacing the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) assessment.

The Genuine Student (GS) Requirement: What You Need to Know

Previously, international students applying for visas to study in Australia had to undergo the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) assessment. This involved providing a 300-word personal statement, among other requirements. However, as of March 23, 2024, the Australian government has replaced the GTE requirement with the Genuine Student (GS) requirement.

Under the new GS requirement, applicants are no longer required to submit a lengthy personal statement. Instead, they will need to respond to targeted questions that provide insight into their intentions and circumstances.

These questions cover various aspects, including:

  1. Detail your current circumstances, including connections to family, community, employment, and financial status.
  2. Explain your course selection and why Australia is your chosen study destination.
  3. Describe how your chosen course will benefit you and provide insights into any previous studies in Australia.
  4. If you’re on a different visa type, clarify your reasons for applying for a Student visa.

Applicants must respond to questions in English, with a maximum of 150 words per answer. It is important to include evidence that supports the information provided in the application form. For more information on the types of evidence and information to include, please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website.

Student Visa Declaration: What it Means for You

In addition to the GS requirement, the updated Student visa declaration includes several important points that applicants must acknowledge. These include:

  1. Understanding the responsibilities of being a genuine student while studying in Australia.
  2. Committing to comply with the rules of their student visa and notifying the Department of Home Affairs of any changes in circumstances.
  3. Recognizing that while some pathways to permanent residency may be available after graduation, eligibility is limited, and not all graduates will be eligible.

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