Australia's Construction Visa Subsidy Program

Are you a construction firm in Australia looking to thrive in a competitive market? The Construction Visa Subsidy Program is your gateway to accessing skilled labour and expanding your business like never before.

What is the Construction Visa Subsidy Program in Australia?

The Construction Visa Subsidy Program is a government initiative tailored to support the construction industry by providing grants to WA employers who hire skilled foreign workers. This program addresses the industry’s ongoing need for qualified labour while ensuring projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

Construction Subsidy Program

Your Premier Partner in Construction Recruitment Solutions for WA

In Western Australia’s (WA) bustling construction industry, the need for skilled tradesmen is ever-present, and finding the right talent can often be a daunting task. This is where we can help.

With our branch office in the Philippines and our established networks of trainers and recruitment professionals across the region, we assist WA businesses to scout, recruit and place qualified skilled workers within their operations. Our Visa team works alongside our offshore training centre to ensure that the visa application process is complete and efficient, looking after your recruitment needs from start to finish.

Here’s how our Group’s comprehensive recruitment solutions can benefit construction firms in WA:

1. Extensive Network and Expertise:

We have access to a diverse pool of talented skilled professionals capable of meeting the unique needs of construction projects in WA. Working with a team of experienced and reputable recruitment professionals, we’re able to source and retain the right talent across the region suitable for the needs of our clients.

2. Tailored Recruitment Strategies:

We understand that every construction project is unique, and so are the staffing requirements associated with it. That’s why we take a personalised approach to recruitment, working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, project timelines, and company culture. Our tailored recruitment strategies ensure that we source candidates who not only possess the requisite skills and qualifications but also align with our client’s values and objectives.

3. Streamlined Hiring Process:

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of construction, and delays in hiring can impact project timelines and budgets. We streamline the hiring process by leveraging innovative technology and efficient methodologies to identify, screen, and present qualified candidates in a timely manner. Our goal is to facilitate seamless recruitment experiences for both employers and candidates, ensuring that positions are filled promptly without compromising on quality.

4. Comprehensive Candidate Screening:

Quality is paramount when it comes to recruitment, especially in the construction industry where precision and expertise are non-negotiable. We employ rigorous screening processes to evaluate candidates based on their skills, experience, certifications, and cultural fit. Our thorough vetting ensures that only the most qualified candidates are presented to our clients, saving them time and resources in the selection process.

5. Ongoing Support and Relationship Management:

We believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our clients, built on trust, transparency, and mutual success. We provide ongoing support throughout the recruitment process and beyond, ensuring that our clients have access to the resources and assistance they need to build and maintain high-performing teams. Our dedicated team of recruitment specialists is committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding our client’s expectations at every step of the journey.

How Does the Program Benefit Australian Construction Companies?

Access to Specialised Skills:

Australian construction firms often face shortages across certain skill sets. The visa subsidy program enables businesses to bridge these gaps by recruiting skilled professionals from overseas, whether it’s in engineering, architecture, project management, or specialised trades such as carpenters.


Participating in the program means accessing financial incentives to reduce the burden associated with hiring international talent. This translates to significant cost savings in recruitment, training, and onboarding processes.

Enhanced Project Performance:

With a diverse and skilled workforce, construction companies can improve project outcomes, meet deadlines, and maintain quality standards. Most importantly, they have the added manpower to take on more projects. This leads to satisfied clients, repeat business and a solid reputation in the industry.

Competitive Advantage:

By leveraging the Construction Visa Subsidy Program, Australian firms gain a competitive edge. They can take on larger projects, bid competitively, and expand their market share both domestically and internationally.

Construction Subsidy Program

How to Participate:

To take advantage of the Construction Visa Subsidy Program, construction companies in Australia must meet eligibility criteria and adhere to program guidelines. Partnering with experienced migration agents or consulting firms can streamline the application process and ensure compliance with visa regulations.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your construction business in Australia. Join the Construction Visa Subsidy Program today and unlock a world of possibilities for your company’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Company Eligibility:

In order to be eligible for the CVSP, you must meet certain criteria set forth by the WA Government. These criteria are designed to ensure that the applicants are reputable and capable of fulfilling their obligations under the visa program and to address the skill shortage in the construction section.

To be eligible for Employer-Sponsored Stream, the company or employers must be registered and operating lawfully in Western Australia and have a proven track record of successfully completing construction projects in WA.

Additionally, the employer must sponsor skilled migrants in either 482 – Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa (either medium term or short term), SC494 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa (up to 5 years), or SC189 – Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) (permanent).

CVSP is also available for independent skilled migrants whose visas have been granted through the WA State Nominated Migration Programs (SNMP) such as SC190 Skilled Nominated (permanent) and SC491 Skilled Work Regional (provisional). The independent skilled migrants must commence work with an employer that is based in WA and actively engaged in the construction industry, both residential and commercial. Onshore skilled migrants who are eligible for the Skilled Migrant Job Connect Subsidy Program may also be eligible for the CVSP.

For further information, click here.

When did this program start?

The Construction Visa Subsidy program took effect on 01 July 2023 and is set to continue for a duration of 12 months, or until all 1,100 available positions have been filled.

What occupations qualify for the program below:

If you are seeking clarification regarding the eligible occupations for the Construction Visa Subsidy Program offered by WA, you can refer to the comprehensive list here.

How to get started

To apply for the Employer Sponsored Stream, the sponsor must follow the following Steps:

Step 1: Lodge a Milestone 1 Claim

This step may differ depending on the number of milestone 1 claims for the number of skilled migrants.

1) The employer should complete the CVSP Employer Sponsored Stream – Milestone 1 – Claim form.

2) Agree to comply with the construction Visa Subsidy Program Teams and Conditions.

3) Declare your intention to become a sponsor with the Department of Home Affairs and sponsor a skilled migrant. If you are making a milestone 1 claim for 1 skilled migrant, you can submit the completed form.

If you are making a milestone 1 claim for two to five total skilled migrants – you would be required to provide a concise summary of planned and upcoming work, including occupations in which your sponsored skilled migrant will be working.

However, if you are claiming six or more skilled migrants, after declaring your intention you are required to:

1) Provide a comprehensive business proposal showcasing the need for an additional workforce and specify the specific job roles your sponsored skilled migrants will be working on;

2) Describe your plans for onboarding and supporting your skilled migrant workers.
Once this has been completed, we can submit the completed form and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Find a skilled Migration to Sponsor:

If you are still on the hunt for skilled migrant workers to sponsor, you can register your details to access the Skilled Migrant Employment Register (SMER) which will serve as a bridge connecting employers with skilled migrants who are actively seeking employment in WA.

For further support during the visa application process, it is advisable to consider engaging with a registered Migration agent such as VEVS Global.

Step 3: Apply to become a sponsor

The company will need to apply to become a sponsor with the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs and nominate an occupation and the skilled migrant you want to sponsor.

Step 4: Assist your Skilled Migrants in lodging their VISA

Work with your skilled migrant and/or with VEVS Global, your Migration Agent, to identify the appropriate visa that aligns with the eligibility criteria of your skilled migrant.
The Visa application for your nominated skilled migrants should be then submitted via the gateway service of the Department of Home Affairs’ ImmiAccount.

Step 5: Lodge a Milestone 2 claim

Once your skilled migrant’s visa has been granted, you will need to complete the CVSP Employer Sponsored Stream – Milestone 2 – Claim Form in order to receive your second payment.

Step 6: Lodge a Milestone 3 Claim

When your skilled migrant employee has commenced their employment and received their initial payslip, the employer will need to complete the CVSP Employer Sponsored Stream – Milestone 3 – Claim form to receive the final payment.

If you are applying for the State Nominated Stream, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Lodge an EOI (Expression of Interest) in SkillSelect

The Skilled migrant needs to submit an EOI through SkillSelect to demonstrate your interest in WA State Nominations.

Step 2: Connect with an employer

If you are currently seeking employment with a suitable employer, you can register your details to access the Skilled Migrant Employment Register (SMER) which enables you to express your desire to work in WA and provides the opportunity for a potential employer to connect with you.

For further support during the visa application process, it is advisable to consider engaging with a registered Migration agent such as VEVS Global.

Step 3: Register your visa application:

After receiving your approval for the State Nomination and your visa being granted by the Commonwealth’s Department of Home Affairs, you are required to register your arrival and visa approval with Migration Services.

Step 4: Lodge a Milestone 1 Claim

Once you have officially begun your employment with an eligible employer and have received your initial payslip, you can proceed with completing the CVSP State Nominated Stream – Milestone 1– Claim Form to receive your first payment.

Step 5: Lodge a Milestone 2 Claim

Upon reaching six months of employment within the construction industry of WA, you may now complete the CVSP State Nominated Stream – Milestone 2 – Claim Form to receive your final payment

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